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Graduate with a Science Degree

A science degree can take you places. Once you have that piece of paper in hand and finish your walk across the stage, the opportunities will open up to you. For many people deciding what capacity in which to use their degree in science is a challenge. Let us take a brief look at some of your options in the world of science.

If you graduate with a chemistry degree there are many federal, local and state agencies that would hire you. You could work in research, development, consulting, analysis and testing, quality control, hospital administration, health and nutrition, environmental and even forensics.

If your science degree is in one of the biological sciences, such as biology, microbiology or zoology you have plenty of options. There are lots of jobs in the fields of biotechnology and genetics. Plenty of colleges and universities need individual with this type of degree as does the agricultural industry and pharmaceutical companies. You could teach; work in research and development or do laboratory testing. Other options include genetic counseling, production and quality control.

A computer science degree could see you working in programming, systems development or network technology. There are a great many organizations from banks to management consulting firms to software companies that are always looking for individual who have graduated with this type of degree. This degree will never let you down in terms of job prospects.

A psychology degree will have you looking for work in the human services field. This means you could find work in the field of counseling or advocacy but also in mental health services or case management. Other viable options in this social science field include community relations, administration and programming. Many departments in the federal government hire psychology graduates. To name a few there is the health and human services department, the justice department, veterans’ administration, community mental health centers, state psychiatric hospitals, senior citizens’ centers, United Way agencies, hospitals, probation and parole, etc.

A science degree in any discipline is always a valuable investment in your future. Whichever one you choose to study, make sure you do your homework first before you enroll in a school.