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What’s in the Science News Today?

The field of science is ever changing and ever growing. It is therefore imperative that anyone interested or involved in the field be up to speed on all the current science news in the world today. With so many advancements it is sometimes hard to know where to focus one’s attention. There are news from all fields and all countries, such as U.K and China. This article aims to highlight a few of the more intriguing science news stories currently circulating in the world today.

A hot topic in science news today is the development of alternative fuels. While this has been an issue for many years, the rising prices of oil and the continued feeling that the U.S. must become less dependant on foreign oil has pushed this topic to the forefront. Several options are being explored now, the primary of which is ethanol, a fuel that can derived from corn and other agricultural products. Cost-effectiveness is still a major issue here, but it is being greatly explored. Another alternative fuel that has been suggested is a methane derivative obtained by the processing of cow manure. The research is now going on especially in California. The results of effectiveness remain inconclusive. Another very popular story in science news today is the study of various diseases using human embryos. While this remains a hot topic in the political realm as well, new developments are starting to bridge the gap between party lines and seem to be finding a safe, common ground where this research can be done.

While these are only two of the more popular and interesting topics in science new today, they also seem to be the most pressing. Alternative fuels are necessary for both the United States and the world to continue technological advances while at the same time keeping the cost-effective. The use of human embryos in research is a hot button topic and is likely to insight high emotions from both sides of the topic, as some believe that human embryos are living while the other side sees the huge benefits of using embryos in research, such as the eradication of many not fatal diseases. At any rate, it is important for any informed citizen to be up on the current science news that is happening in the world today.