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The Science Museum: A Minds' Playground

Too often the idea of going to a science museum is laughed at. They seem boring, offering little to do and lots of stuff to be confused about and not understand. While in fact, they are just the opposite! Science museums offer fun and learning for the entire family composed of all ages. From young to old, one can always find something intriguing and captivating at a science museum. One can learn and be challenged intellectually while at the same time having fun and enjoying oneself. It is a win win situation!

One of the premiere attractions to any good science museum is its dinosaur exhibit. Many museum offer tours that include physical representation of the dinosaurs, often life size, in sections representing the period in which they lived. They often also offer a robotic dinosaur that can be moved using controls on a keypad. This is great fun for the whole family! Another interesting exhibit that many science museums are offing now days is a grossology exhibit, based on the biology of human and animal life. This usually deals with the more unseemly topics of human and animal functions, but does so in a very professional and child friendly manner. Much can be learned and nothing can beat the sense of running through some giant’s intestines!

A science museum visit is a must for any family with kids! Every learns and has fun and they are typically very child friendly, offering plenty of rest stops and play areas for children to burn off some of that extra energy. They also offer lots of learning opportunities for both child and parent alike. All in all, a science museum trip is one that should not be forgotten off of the summer to do list. Pencil it in today!